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La La Land Transformed Into An 8-Bit Arcade Game

Last December's La La Land had audiences asking themselves if the infamous City of Stars was shining just for them, and if the Damien Chazelle-directed flick would sweep at this weekend's 89th Academy Awards. While the answer to the first question is still a little hazy, the second's response seems a resounding "yes." As we inch closer and closer to the Oscars-day fanfare (stay tuned for our coverage this Sunday, February 26), the creatives over at CineFix decided to capitalize on the precious window, transforming the charming musical into a classic 8-bit arcade gameā€”one that's quite impressive.


Fit with a blippy soundtrack featuring some of La La Land's most recognizable songs, translated scenarios that will have you smiling, and levels that reflect the film's four parts, the latest installment in CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema series is less a parody and more a lighthearted but still well-crafted tribute to Damien Chazelle's brain-child. The game pans out much like a role-playing title of the modern age and touts some stellar character design, even in the retro graphic style. In the video above, take a look at the pixelated Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as Mia and Sebastian, and see what kind of fate Hollywood hands them.

The creative spins on La La Land leading up to Oscars Sunday don't stop there, however. CineFix took it a step further, recutting the La La Land trailer as if it were a David Lynch-helmed psychological thriller. Funny Or Die even joined the fun by creating a mash-up of the film and the Muppets, which sees Kermit the Frog in Ryan Gosling's shoes. Pretty cool, if you ask us.


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