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The One Problem Breath Of The Wild 2 Needs To Fix

The "Breath of the Wild" sequel garnered a lot of attention when its newest trailer was shown off during E3 2021. Given the popularity of the game and the "Zelda" franchise in general, fans were beyond excited to see news about the next entry in the series. However, one journalist has pointed out a flaw in the first game that needs to be fixed in the sequel — and some fans seem to agree with his assessment.


Cian Maher from TheGamer pointed out that there needs to be more of a variety in the enemies of the game. Essentially, in Maher's words, there are only four main enemies in the game: "a little red goblin, a lankier version of the same red goblin, some rocks that shoot lasers, and a clan of ninja warriors." Maher also pointed out that the "little red goblins" made several appearances in the trailer for "Breath of the Wild 2," and he's "a bit sick of them."

He's got a point, and other fans of the game have mentioned the same problem in the first game.

The lack of diversity in enemies

Twitter user @lovelysnakey mentioned a similar problem when discussing weapon durability, a feature that people don't really want to see in the sequel. They agreed that it seemed like "there was hardly any variation in enemy types" in the original "Breath of the Wild." Another user, @slucciii, mentioned that a "wider variety of bosses/large enemies" is something they would like to see in "Breath of the Wild 2" as well. Another Twitter user jokingly proposed the title for the sequel as "Breath of the Wild: Still only 5 enemy types."


While it's clear that fans want more unique enemies to fight against, there are a few different opinions on the issue in general. On Reddit, one user argued that there actually are a surprising amount of enemies, thanks to the way that each of the base enemy types can vary in elemental powers and behavior.

Another Redditor felt like the world map was so huge that it didn't make sense that there weren't more classic series enemies in the first game. They also wrote that "considering how big ['Breath of the Wild'] is it should have 3 or 4 times the amount of enemies" compared to other games. 

The game isn't coming out until some time 2022, so there's still time to pick out small details from the trailer and hypothesize new ideas for the game. Who knows? Maybe there are more enemies hiding in the upcoming sequel than you expected. Maybe you've been watching the new trailer all wrong.