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This Dangerous Marvel's Avengers Bug Is Leaking Personal Information

"Marvel's Avengers" seems like the absolute perfect property for a video game, doesn't it? At least in theory. When the game launched, it received mixed appraisals from critics and has had a troubled existence ever since. It bombed in sales and lost nearly all of its playerbase in the following months. If you thought things couldn't get worse for the troubled action RPG, you may be surprised to know that it's reached a new low: a recent patch has unleashed a major bug that compromises sensitive information.


The problems began earlier today when patch 1.8.0 went live. As explained in a tweet, the patch rolled out "the Cosmic Cube Event among other improvements." Unfortunately, the patch also made it so that user IP addresses are on full display above gamers' avatars — which is a pretty good way to get yourself doxxed.

The official "Marvel's Avengers" Twitter account soon addressed the problem, referring to the glitch as "a floating string of text." In a follow-up tweet, players were warned not to play the game on any streaming platforms as to avoid leaking personal info live on stream.

This is a pretty big deal that will likely require a bit of damage control. What are fans saying about this?

The fans need to be saved from Marvel's Avengers

Reactions are pretty much what you would expect. One user called out the tweet for its strategic phrasing, writing, "Floating string of text. You are joking yeah? It's peoples IP addresses. Come on." Another expanded upon that gripe by stating, "What kind of response is this? We're talking IP address and you're calling it 'floating string of text appears on the screen'. At least warn players."


Apparently, that's not the only thing causing strife. One user listed the IP address debacle as just the latest issue in a string of missteps. This angry player concluded their rant by telling the developers "It's over!!!" Of course, it's possible that this user was extra critical in light of the IP address leak, but either way, this is not a good look for an already struggling game.

Despite its diminishing playerbase, there are still those who like the game and want to see it succeed, though they do seem to be in the minority. One user wrote, "You guys have been killing it lately I'm so excited for the future of this game." Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon, so that those who do enjoy "Marvel's Avengers" can resume playing without putting their IP addresses on display.