Overwatch Yet Again Teases Possible Upcoming Hero

Oh Overwatch, you tease.

Blizzard Entertainment has been ever-so-slowly releasing new information on the upcoming 24th hero for its massively successful team-based FPS title Overwatch, pulling players to the very edge of their seats and leaving them second-guessing everything they thought they knew. Today seemed to promise it would be yet another opportunity for a hero 24 tease, and Blizzard proved us right.

In an update tweet on the @PlayOverwatch Twitter account, fans were given a second look into the life of a previously-announced character, Efi Oladele, the 11-year-old robotics prodigy whom many Overwatch players have speculated may be or may have something to do with the 24th hero. An adorable "to do" list-type note tacked on to the tweet was accompanied by the following caption: "Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: 'Time to get to work!'"

But what exactly are the things Efi needs to charge ahead with the under-wraps project she's working on? And what exactly is she building? Gamers have taken a closer look at the tweeted photo and have begun to believe Efi is leading the way on the Axiom Project.

Her "things to get" include an UR-15 chassis, a Branford arm, a fusion driver, a miniature Tobelstein reactor, paint (in four shades: brown, tan, lime green, and light yellow), and another box of Lucio-Oh's! Cereal. Oddly enough, Efi's note has the item "axiom vocal processor" with a question mark next to it, which she apparently later crossed off, either because she has already picked it up or because she will no longer be utilizing it. This processor has been linked to a robot that has popped up on numerous Numbani posters throughout the game. Additionally, her first item, the OR-15 chassis, is a reference to the robots damaged in a Numbani airport attack.

Though no confirmation has been given as to what exactly Efi is building, or if she's even the 24th hero, it hasn't stopped Overwatch fans from dreaming. Based on recent events, it appears players will be waiting quite some time before official word on the next playable character breaks. Something tells us, however, that once hero 24 does arrive, some gamers may think up some interesting ways to cheat with the new kid on the block.