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Mass Effect: Andromeda Goes Gold

Grab the champagne (or sparkling grape juice, you youngsters) and step into your space suits (because you totally have one of those lying around), Mass Effect: Andromeda has officially gone gold.

Canadian video game developer BioWare, the gaming giant behind the latest installment of the smash-hit sci-fi action-RPG series, confirmed that Andromeda is now on its way to be pressed, packed, and pushed out to eager players. Mirroring nearly everyone's excitement over anything Mass Effect: Andromeda related, BioWare broke into somewhat of a digital happy dance to make the official announcement.


On the developer's Twitter account, the good news broke with a fittingly gold-flaked GIF showing off a helmeted hero decked out in shiny N7 Pathfinder gear. Likely left a bit speechless upon reaching the final stage of development, BioWare kept the statement short and sweet: "Mass Effect: Andromeda has gone gold." The upcoming addition to the Mass Effect franchise has been hotly discussed, highly anticipated, and looked at with keen, watchful eyes. Past trailers and announcements have introduced Andromeda hopefuls to the game's protagonists and Pathfinders as well as acclimated them to the expansive open world; customizable weapon options, crafting options, and sex-based storylines; and uniquely-styled combat missions. Hearing the title go gold has spurred an understandable second wave of hype.


Though base development has been locked down tight, we've got a sneaking suspicion that BioWare will still be toiling away at post-launch content for Andromeda, like DLCs and season passes. But we might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, as the game doesn't hit the masses for a few more weeks on March 21 (and a couple days later on March 23 for the European gamers out there).

For now, players can look forward to taking Mass Effect: Andromeda for a spin in a 10-hour trial ahead of the launch and to seeing Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer as the Asari medic Lexi T'Perro inside the game.