Twitch Streamer Asks Fans To Help Find His Daughter

Twitch streamer Mikey Perk has asked the streaming community to help him find his daughter, Sarah, who went missing in Ohio on June 25, 2021. The Carlisle Police Department posted a picture of Sarah Perk, providing additional details on her physical description, and urged people with any information to call in. Still, there's only so much a community can do, and Perk felt that it was only natural to involve his Twitch viewers as well, doing everything in his power to find his daughter.


Perk posted a video to TikTok asking for help and to send a message directly to his daughter. He began the video by explaining that he'd received news that Sarah was scared to come home because she was afraid of the repercussions of an undisclosed event. 

In the clip, Perk said to his daughter, "If you're out there, I want you to know that we just want you home. Everything can be worked out, everything can be salvaged. We want to listen to you, we want to understand what's going on. We love you." Perk then asked for his viewers to share the video in the hopes that Sarah might see it.

The internet is a dark place

Perk has regularly updated viewers on the case. Perk and his family have received a few leads on Sarah's location, but nothing has led to finding her yet. Perk said. "I thought to myself, you know, I could use my platform, uh, to put eyes on the situation ... I didn't expect the response that it had gotten."


Amidst the signal boosts and positive thoughts, however, many people voiced their disgust with Perk's use of social media. After Perk streamed on Twitch, some viewers commented that Perk was a bad father for going live during the search for his daughter. Visibly distraught, Perk responded by explaining that streaming was one of the few things keeping his emotions in check and providing a distraction outside the hours of searching he'd done earlier in the day.

Perk later tweeted that people had begun making fake videos claiming to capture the last moments of Sarah's life. The streamer pleaded with the internet to stop making these videos, saying that his wife and son are feeling particularly distraught by them. It's a stark reminder that the internet can often be a very cruel place, even in the face of a tragic missing persons case.


Perk has not updated his viewers on Sarah's whereabouts again, but hopefully his use of Twitch to help find his daughter works out for the best.