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Everything We Know About Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker's Reaper Job

As revealed in early 2021, "Endwalker," the latest "Final Fantasy 14" expansion, is set to debut later this year. The DLC will wrap up several plot threads, including the ongoing Hydaelyn and Zodiark narrative, in addition to introducing a wealth of new content. Beyond exciting offerings like a new playable race and locations, "Endwalker" will serve up two fresh jobs for players to try out: Sage and Reaper.


While Sage focuses on healing and barriers, the melee DPS Reaper is geared towards users who prefer to jump straight into the action. Unlike Sage, which has appeared in one form or another in multiple "Final Fantasy" games, Reaper is an original creation for "Endwalker." As you might expect, Reaper boasts a unique selection of mechanics to master — including a special weapon.

If you can't wait to dive into "Endwalker" and take up the MMORPG's edgiest new profession, here's everything we've uncovered about the Reaper job so far.

What abilities does the Reaper job have and how do you unlock it?

Square Enix unveiled the Reaper job during the keynote on day one of the 2021 Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival. While the company declined to provide a full breakdown of what players should expect, it did offer up several key details about the Reaper's abilities and playstyle.


As seen in the reveal footage that accompanied the announcement, the Reaper wields a two-handed scythe. Though a unique job, it has some overlap with the Dragoon, which shares the same melee armor subclass. The developers designed Reaper for "dynamic close-quarter combat," and it also possesses the ability to summon Void avatars to assist it in battle. In addition to fighting side-by-side, Reapers can channel the power of these "Void-sent avatars," essentially acting as a temporary host for the beings.

There's no required class to pick up the Reaper job, however, you must fulfill two criteria: purchase the "Endwalker" expansion and level at least one other job to 70. Once you meet the requirements, you can find the job quests in Ul'dah.


"Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker" comes to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac on November 23. Anyone who preorders the DLC can start playing on November 19 via early access.