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The Fastest Thing In GTA Online Will Surprise You

"GTA Online" might be discontinued for the PS3, but it lives on in other forms. "GTA" roleplaying has taken over the streaming world, and players are eager to start a new life in Los Santos. Of course, when navigating the city, one has to have an efficient means of transportation, but the fastest vehicle out there might surprise long-term players.


One Redditor made the discovery that bicycles are the fastest, most efficient vehicles in "GTA Online." The poster, KreamyCheeze, uploaded a short video with the caption "They thought they could beat us on our bikes." The clip showed two bikers, both dressed in striped suits, pedaling along as a race car sped past. Suddenly, the bikers crossed their bodies, leaning into each other, and gained enough speed to barrel past the car and beyond.

The race ended in chaos, as the bikers couldn't turn while moving so fast. They ran off the track and into a metal fence, where the clip ended. It seems counterintuitive that two bicycles could outpace a race car, but the duo did it, even if they did crash in the end. The bigger question on readers' minds was how the stunt worked in the first place.


Glitches are a perk for some gamers

Some commenters said the bikers moved quickly because of the power of friendship, while others speculated that the two never skip leg day at the gym. One viewer had a real answer to explain the phenomenon, detailing that the two bikes moving against each other created enough momentum to propel the bike faster than one could move alone. One gamer even explained that the technique is called "curb boosting" and that it has been used in races throughout "GTA Online" for years. The video of two well-dressed men biking represented the spirit of "GTA Online" well. The game often promotes a chaotic atmosphere and delights fans with its unpredictability.


Bikes and glitches go hand in hand in video games. In "Cyberpunk 2077," some gamers found that V encountered a problem each time they rode a motorcycle, standing in a daring T-pose atop the bike, pants nowhere to be found.

Gamers have also enjoyed pushing vehicular limits in "GTA Online" and have found ways to exploit code in order to perform amazing stunts or travel long distances. Part of the appeal of "GTA Online" is that it's a continually evolving game, and the limits are only as small as players' imaginations.