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Will Deathloop Release On PS4?

"Deathloop” is Bethesda and Arkane's upcoming PS5-exclusive first-person shooter. The "Groundhog Day"-style murder puzzle game is console-exclusive to PlayStation for one year from its release date of September 14, but it will still be coming to PC on that same day. The game has been delayed multiple times since being announced at E3 2019 but is still a highly anticipated release, especially since it's one of the few upcoming PS5 exclusives with a set release date.


"Deathloop" is also one of the final opportunities for PlayStation gamers to enjoy a Bethesda game on their preferred platform, since Microsoft bought the company. After "Deathloop," "Tokyo: Ghostwire" will most likely be the final Bethesda game to come to PlayStation platforms, since both "Starfield" and the newly announced "Redfall" will be console-exclusive to Xbox and are set to release until 2022. As for "Deathloop," Arkane Lyon has touted the game as a true next-gen experience, for those who can actually get their hands on a PS5.

Deathloop is not currently set to release on PS4

"Deathloop” is set to release only on the current-gen consoles, with Xbox Series X|S coming a year after the PS5 release. The game has not been announced for PS4, and at this point, that seems incredibly unlikely. There have been very few instances of games getting ported to last-gen consoles after being released on the current-gen, with "Godfall" being the single example of this happening. While some people believed that "Deathloop" would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One because the game was announced in 2019, a whole year prior to the announcement of the new consoles, the reveal trailer did not specify any platforms, with the PS5 announcement coming during the PS5 reveal event last June.


It's understandable that PS4 owners would want to continue playing new games on that console — especially since the PS5s continue to be difficult to get — but unfortunately there will be titles exclusive to the new consoles. As time goes on, the number of games that are cross-gen will continue to drop, but hopefully the current-gen consoles become more available. For now, if you want to get your hands on "Deathloop," you will need to have a PlayStation 5 or PC.