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Mario Golf Super Rush: How To Add Topspin And Backspin To Shots

Mario takes his skills to the green in "Mario Golf Super Rush," and players and critics alike have been having a ball with the long-awaited new entry to the "Mario Golf" games. Part of what makes any "Mario" sports game so good is the attention to detail. While Mario's running around the goofiest golf course in history, there's a level of complexity in "Mario Golf Super Rush" that not everyone might expect.


You'll need to factor in wind conditions, the angle your shot, the club you're using, the strength with which your character hits, and more. Other elements to consider are topspin and backspin, skills that cause your ball to rotate in the air. That way, when the ball lands, it can either roll forward or backward on the ground.

This is an actual thing in real-life golf, and it's interesting to see this skill playing such a big part in a golf game set in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's an incredibly handy thing to keep in mind when you're trying to keep the ball on the ground instead of bouncing, so how do you do it in "Mario Golf Super Rush?"

Topspin and backspin controls

"Mario Golf Super Rush" makes using topspin and backspin as easy as one, two, three. All the magic takes place on the power meter. When you hit a normal shot, you'll press 'A' to start the power meter and then press 'A' again when you've determined how hard you want to swing.


When you're looking to put topspin on the golf ball, all you have to do is hit 'A' twice at the power level you want, then sit back and watch as your ball goes a few extra yards farther than it would have originally.

If you're looking to put backspin on the ball, simply press 'B' at the right power level and the ball will do the rest of the work for you. In most cases, using backspin will stop the ball pretty quickly after it lands, instead of letting it bounce too much. However, if you hit 'B' twice, then you can add super backspin to your shot. This will cause the ball to roll back just a bit after it lands.