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Meet NickMercs' Wife, Emumita Bonita

If you are a "Call of Duty" fan and you love watching the popular battle royale game "Warzone" on Twitch, you're more than likely familiar with NickMercs. A member of FaZe Clan, he has made a substantial amount of money throughout his career as a streamer, and his skills as a gamer are quite apparent to his viewers. In a 2021 survey asking respondents which popular Twitch streamer they thought they could beat in "Warzone," he received the smallest percentage of votes. Clearly, he's not the kind of guy viewers would want to challenge to a match.


One would imagine that he dedicates a lot of his time to gaming in order to keep his skills sharp. While such a regiment might not leave much room for dating, NickMercs has found time to build a relationship with a woman who goes by the nickname of Emumita Bonita. In fact, the two were wed in 2020.

Not much is known about his wife, but there are a couple of details that die hard NickMercs fans have been able to deduce.

Emumita Bonita appears to have a thing for chickens and alpacas

In the midst of wedding planning, NickMercs posted a video on YouTube in which he discussed the preparations while he played "Fortnite." As he spoke to his viewers, he offered a little nugget of insight that suggests his wife might have a real soft spot for animals.


At the time, she was on her way back from scouting locations for the wedding. He told his audience that she fell in love with one of the locations because "they have chickens." Following that anecdote, he said was clueless as to how to respond, but was nonetheless on board with the venue she picked. She apparently also gushed over the fact that the location had alpacas. This was so important to her, in fact, that they apparently got into a bit of a dispute over having them at the wedding.

Insisting on having alpacas and chickens at a wedding is an unusual request, to say the least. The fact that she so desperately wanted them to be part of her special day suggests a deep love for animals. At the very least, it shows that she has a bit of a thing for alpacas and chickens in particular.


Emumita Bonita watches Nickmercs' streams and even helps him out occasionally

Soon after the two were married, NickMercs had his wife join him in a stream where she selected a loadout in "Warzone." He also revealed that she was a frequent viewer of his streams. Does that mean she's a "Warzone" fan? Well ... not even NickMercs was 100 percent certain, though he remarked that he didn't think she was.


So what were her picks? She chose a Gilded Arm with a bayonet attachment (which she referred to as "the pointy one"), a 23.0" Romanian Barrel, an Aim-Op Reflex Sight, and 75 Round Drum Mags. After finishing the selection, she proclaimed that "this is the worst gun ever, and I already know it," then added on a Tac Laser and swapped the 75 Round Drum for the 40 Round Mags. With a little bit of guidance from Nick, she picked an Origin 12 shotgun as the secondary weapon with a Tactical Suppressor, FORGE TAC Impaler Barrel, Scout Combat Optic, and 12 Round Mags. She also selected a Heartbeat Sensor as her tactical item and C4 as her lethal item

This experiment was so popular with fans that they decided to do it a second time. Whether she likes "Warzone" or not, she's certainly supportive of her husband's streaming and competitive side.


Fans don't really know Emumita Bonita's real name

Emumita Bonita appears to be a nickname NickMercs affectionately gave his wife. However, with such a minimal public presence, even her real name is something of a mystery. Why does she go by Emumita Bonita? Is it something her husband made up just for social media purposes, or does he call her that outside the internet? While fans may never know the answers to those burning questions, one thing that might have slipped on by... is her real name.


Their wedding photographers shared images of the newlyweds on Instagram, and in the description, they referred to them as "Rio + Nick," seeming to imply that Rio very likely could be her real name. Even so, it's hard to say for sure. Perhaps that's yet another nickname, and to be extra careful about protecting her identity, NickMercs insisted they use that instead of her actual name. Unless you hear it straight from the couple themselves, it's difficult to assume anything. 

Whatever the case may be, it seems like fans have been respectful of the couple's privacy, including when it comes to her real name. For the rest of the internet, the nickname is good enough.