Full Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Map Revealed

Hey, listen! The Legend of Zelda fans have been hard at work unearthing hidden insights on the upcoming Breath of the Wild game, and the latest discovery is quite special: a high-resolution game map.

Games writer Damien McFarren teased on Twitter the massive scale of Breath of the Wild, cheekily comparing it to an infamously long trek present in past Zelda games. "You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's," McFarren said, "but that's just peanuts to Zelda: BotW." And based on the map revealed today, he's absolutely right; Breath of the Wild is going to be pretty big.

Players keen to feast their eyes on the map, whose full resolution comes in at a whopping 24,000 by 20,000 pixels, here.

Though the map does keep a few things hidden, going without a legend or any kind of markings or annotations to give indication as to what exactly we're looking at, there are still details gamers can pick out. Beyond the general scope and layout, the map shows off a pretty even spread of landscape and fans can spot both the Great Plateau and Hyrule Castle on the map. According to USGamer.net, the Great Plateau is "just south and west of Hyrule Castle's surrounding fields, which are roughly at the center of the map."

Additionally, it's been reported that the developers of Breath of the Wild mentioned previously that the Great Plateau will take up about one percent of the map, a fact that one Zelda fan proved true over on Gamefaqs. Because the entire map is 120 (12 by 10) grid squares in size, with its playable area resting at about 80 squares, and the Great Plateau is just under one grid square, the tiny percentage works out.

Zelda enthusiasts can traverse the map for themselves when Breath of the Wild releases for the Nintendo Switch this Thursday, March 3. And once they've gotten their fill of fantastical exploration, they can take a ton of other incredible Switch games out for a try.