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This Streamer Received The Worst Gift Ever

If you're a content creator who opens the door to receiving gifts from fans, you might have to brace yourself for some pretty stinky gifts. Literally stinky, like the kind that smell bad. This is especially the case if you do unboxing videos and don't vet the packages ahead of time. Twitch streamer AmericanDad learned this lesson the hard way, live in front of all of his fans.

Recently, he streamed an unboxing (which he shared on Twitter), during which he noticed a foul odor emanating from the package. As the scent filled his nostrils, he had an idea of what awaited inside. He read a note from the sender that said, "I think you're going to need a plunger for this one," but was still skeptical that a fan would actually go so far as to mail him what he thought he'd find. 

AmericanDad was understandably hesitant to dig out the contents, calling upon an associate to confirm that the stench was real. His colleague immediately recognized the smell, so AmericanDad continued to rag on the sender, putting off the unboxing for as long as possible.

After a fair amount of stalling, the streamer finally decided to see what was lurking in the box. Keeping the package just off-camera, he discovered that this "gift" was double-wrapped. As he got closer, he grew more convinced that the donation was exactly what he suspected all along. Unfortunately for AmericanDad, he was absolutely correct: the box contained poop.

When a viewer's present goes "too far"

Judging from his reaction, AmericanDad seemed to be mildly amused by this stunt. However, that doesn't mean the sender got off scot-free. The Twitch viewer was banned, though according to the Twitter announcement, it seems as though this was more so because they had not participated in his chat before sending the disgusting "gift." AmericanDad warned others to carefully screen their mail, but added a caveat: "It is kind of funny."

In the thread, fans showed up to support him. One user praised his handling of the situation, condemning the person who sent the package. Another declared that a "lifetime ban" had been earned. FaZE DaZe, who claims to be AmericanDad's bodyguard, said, "It's funny till it starts going too far[.]"

As a viewer, it can be easy to get carried away when interacting with your favorite streamer, especially when that person also regularly dabbles in gross humor. After all, AmericanDad once farted into his while streaming as part of a celebratory gesture that went wrong. In doing so, he soiled his pants, which could have possibly inspired this particular "donation." Whatever the case may be, fans should exercise a little more discretion when sending gifts to content creators.