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The Real Reason Pokemon Go Is Under Fire

Think back to Summer 2016. At the time, "Pokemon Go" was the hit game that everyone around the globe was addicted to playing. Hordes of people walked around highly-populated areas to spin PokeStops and catch critters that, through the power of AR technology, looked like they were sitting on the sidewalk. Now, five years later, the people still playing the game are left frustrated as the free-to-play game becomes more and more expensive.

As spotted by Screen Rant, the "Pokemon Go" subreddit has recently become flooded with players expressing their frustration with the lack of Poke Balls in the game. User xclusivestylez brought the problem to the attention of the internet, arguing that smaller events before Pokemon Go Fest are going to cost players a ton of extra money.

Pokemon Go Fest, which takes place from July 17 to July 18, is a worldwide event in which players work together to unlock special community rewards and certain Pokemon make appearances after being out of the game for a while. There will also be special Shiny Pokemon, all with special color schemes that hardcore players will want to try and find.

Before the event, there are smaller events during which limited time Pokemon become available, and players are incentivized to catch them. Xclusivestylesz argues that these events are meant to use up players' inventories before Pokemon Go Fest, which will in turn encourage users to spend money replenishing everything.

The Pokemon Go paywall

Not everyone agreed with xclusivestylesz, but there is a rising concern as the game continues to lock certain things behind a paywall for players. One user argued that "Pokemon Go" in general is going to "drain your wallet," something that other users had a few tips and tricks for avoiding.

As if there weren't already enough problems going on with the resources in the game, the actual Pokemon Go Fest typically implements some divisive pay-to-win mechanics. This year, for the cost of $5, players will see better spawn rates for Shiny Pokemon. There will also be additional Research Tasks, which will no doubt reward players with more Poke Balls, along with extra experience points — which can provide Poke Balls upon leveling up.

While the inventory problem can be solved by picking up a ticket Pokemon Go Fest, it's still frustrating for some when the game feels unplayable without spending extra money. Fans may want to hang in there, though. Considering how "Pokemon Go" has listened to players in the past, there may still be some positive changes on the horizon.