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Tekken 7 Adds Eddy Gordo As Playable Character

Double D is back, everybody, and he's coming in with a vengeance.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America announced today that the Brazilian Capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo is getting tacked on to the Tekken 7 roster of playable characters. Eddy's ceremonious reintroduction to the high-energy brawler franchise came in the form of an all-killer, no-filler character trailer.


Fans can get a glimpse of Eddy displaying his signature battle style, combining dance and acrobatic elements with powerful, fine-tuned martial arts skills to take down opponents (like Hwoarang, the South Korean Taekwondo fighter shown in the trailer) before they even see what's coming. Check it out above.

Not only does the sneak peek seem pretty promising, it also sounds it, too. Eddy apparently has good reason to be returning to the ring to duke it out: he's hungry for revenge. According to the trailer's short synopsis, Eddy's facing up against one of his most despised enemies, one who has caused him a great deal of pain. "Eddy is seeking retribution for the death of his Capoeira master," the summary says. "Mishima Zaibatsu is in his crosshairs and he's not letting anyone or anything stop him." Looks like Tekken 7 is going to be totally intense.


This confirmation follows a string of leaked photos which hinted toward the possibility that Eddy would be joining the Tekken 7 team. Most fans were clever to take the images, accidentally shown during an event in Brazil where Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada presented the latest installment, with a bit of skepticism, avoiding jumping to a conclusion before an official announcement was made. Bandai releasing the character trailer comes as a sweet surprise to many.

Eddy Gordo joins other returning fighters like Heihachi Mishim and Lars Alexandersson in Tekken 7, set to (finally) hit consoles on June 2. Something tells us plenty of players will be keen to take Eddy for a spin this summer, as he possesses the ability to dominate the entire game in just one move.