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This Call Of Duty Pro's Surprise Didn't Go As Planned

FaZe Clan is popping up more and more in the news lately, and it hasn't all been great. The esports org is currently embroiled in some drama involving cryptocurrency, which quickly got worse for the group and led to the firing of one of FaZe's longstanding members. Now, FaZe Clan has gone viral for a considerably more amusing reason. FaZe Banks, the org's founder, is the star of a somewhat embarrassing video that's been making the rounds on Reddit.


The video in question was posted on July 9 to the subreddit Cringetopia by user unnaturalorder, and it definitely lives up to the subreddit's name. In the video, which was recorded a few years ago, FaZe Banks and two other FaZe Clan members walk into a GameStop, seemingly expecting some astonished reactions from the people there.

No one recognizes then, even when they goes up to the GameStop employee to try and get a reaction. When there's no response or recognition, they begin talking about the millions of subscribers FaZe had at the time. After saying that they'll be participating in a $400,000 tournament the next day, the three members leave.

While the group of professional esports players wanted to "pay their respects" to the store, as Banks said, it didn't seem to hit home with the people who saw their grand entrance. If anything, it's hard to tell if this incident left any impression on the bystanders.


Fans react to the GameStop cringe

As mentioned previously, this video has blown up before. YouTube channel Dose of Cringe posted the video back in 2016, where it received almost 900,000 views. Even so, several fans on Reddit are clearly seeing it for the first time.


And those Reddit users found the entire thing hilarious. For the record, Banks' name wasn't mentioned anywhere in the video or in the description of the video on Reddit. Unless you're super familiar with the ins and outs of FaZe Clan, you might not even recognize him if you saw him in public. For many Reddit users and GameStop customers, that was the case — and that's what makes the video "even funnier," according to user SlothTheHeroo.

Another user, margco, brought up the elephant in the room: "Why do I feel so embarrassed for him?" Redditor MaximumEffort433 attempted to sum up what they saw as the real problem with the video: "Maybe what makes this cringey is the expectation of recognition, the 'I'm a household name' attitude. Being due respect and expecting respect are, after all, two different things."


Of course, FaZe Banks hasn't always been the most popular or well-liked player, and he's found himself feuding with plenty of famous people in his time. This video is just the latest in a line of questionable (albeit hilarious) moments that have kept people talking about the ever-controversial FaZe Clan.