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This Redditor Has A Bizarre Solution For Rage Quits

Have you ever gotten so mad at a game that you threw your controller across the room? If so, the Rage Quit Protector may be the indie invention of your dreams.

Redditor rightcoastguy shared a post to the r/Funny subreddit showing off his latest creation: an inflatable bubble cover that can completely encapsulate your controller to protect it from rage quits. It's complete with hand holes that allow for fully uninhibited gaming, rage and all.

The post includes a 30-second video showing off the crafty device and an accompanying caption: ​​"I design unnecessary product prototypes and today I created the Rage Quit Protector." The video features the inflatable protective device in action, showing rightcoastguy comically blowing it up and then throwing it across the room multiple times — all without any negative consequences.

Though the invention was shared in a humorous context, the comments indicated that such a product could arguably become quite successful if it ever made it to market. As Redditor beepboopimajorp wrote, "Mark Cuban is on his way to OP's house as we speak." Redditor Handb4nana agreed that this was a great idea, but suggested that the invention should have a  and added one tweak: "Put a vent fan on it and I'm so in." Others teased that rightcoastguy's designation "UnnecessaryInventions" didn't make much sense given how helpful the product could actually be, while some saw it as unrealistic. In the words of Redditor The_test_is_me, "At this point the only difference between OP and SkyMall is self-awareness."

Rage All Around

Rage quitting has been a prominent issue for casual gamers and high profile streamers, so it's surprising that it took this long for someone to invent a solution — even if it may have started as a joke. After all, plenty of controllers have been sacrificed during livestreams, so the world may be more than ready for the Rage Quit Protector.

If the Rage Quit Protector were to become an actual product, or if players learn how to make their own similar solutions, it could open up new gaming possibilities, particularly for gamers who are prone to fits of controller-flinging fury. Imagine revisiting some classic boss battles knowing your controller is completely safe.

Whether you see the Rage Quit Protector as a pure novelty item or the future of gaming, you might want to invest in some bubble wrap before you go throwing your controller into oblivion. It might be a while before this invention becomes a reality. Then again, you could cross your fingers and set up a camera, in case your next gaming-related outburst makes you as famous as some other rage-quitting streamers.