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This Pokemon Card Collector's Impossible Pull Could Be Worth Thousands

There are plenty of things in the trading card world that can run prices up — misprints, signatures, age, rarity, etc. Valuable "Pokemon" cards don't just drop into your lap every day; sometimes, you really just need to be extra lucky. However, "Pokemon" enthusiast SuperDuperDani recently had an experience with a box of booster packs that will have you believing in miracles.


SuperDuperDani was streaming for Texas' 2021 Collect-a-Con when she decided to do an unboxing of a Neo Discovery box from 2001. The box contained 36 booster packs, and much to Dani's surprise, every single booster pack in the box included a rare holographic card. For those of you keeping score at home, that's 36 holographic cards. According to the seller of the box, the odds of this happening are astronomical, and it's unlikely that fans will ever see something like this again.

In a video discussing her discovery, SuperDuperDani called the near-impossible collection of cards a "God Box." As the description of her video notes, these types of boxes generally have about 12 holographic cards in them on average.


Not only is this pull noteworthy for the sheer number of rare cards, but it's worth noting that these cards were already worth a pretty penny to begin with. The Neo Discovery set was published before The Pokemon Company took over card distribution and printing from Wizards of the Coast. As a result, a number of the original WotC cards are typically a little higher in value.

The box is worth more than you'd expect

TCGPlayer offers a list of all the Neo Discovery cards and how much they are worth. Between SuperDuperDani's video and the prices listed on TCGPlayer, the cards in this unbelievable pull are close to $1,500. However, it's debatable whether or not the printing error that lumped them together would raise the value of the lot. Dexerto reports that the cards could be worth even more than the numbers on TCGPlayer would suggest.


While none of the cards are the most expensive "Pokemon" cards in the game, it's still unreal for the box and the cards to come together like that. SuperDuperDani's friends had a few theories, including a scenario in which a Wizards of the Coast line employee made the box for a specific marketing or promotional reason and it somehow ended up in the hands of the public. No one may ever know how this impossible "God Box" came to be, but it's pretty incredible that the fans got to see it unboxed in such a way.