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Persona Fans Just Got Great News

It's a great time to be a "Persona" fan. The series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. No one knows what's in store, but the official celebration website has seven projects lined up between September 2021 and Fall 2022. As if that weren't exciting enough, it seems that after the widespread success of "Persona 5," Atlus is also gearing up for the next entry in the series.


According to Persona Central, a fansite for the franchise, Atlus posted several open positions for developers on Green Japan, a recruitment site. On the site, an Atlus employee reportedly expanded on what projects Atlus has planned for the new hires: "We will have to create a '6' which exceeds '5.' However, exceeding '5' will be difficult with the current staff. I would like to surpass this tall hurdle with everyone who joins us in this recruitment."

While nothing was officially announced about "Persona 6," if the translation is accurate, this is basically confirmation that the game will be starting development. At the very least, Atlus has plans for a sequel. Given how quickly things in video game development can change, it's not set in stone quite yet though.


An official "Persona 6" announcement could be part of the 25th anniversary celebration. Let's unpack what else "Persona" players might have to look forward to.

Atlus may draw inspiration from across the Persona universe

As mentioned above, there are seven projects "Persona" fans can get excited about happening in the next year and a half.

While it's unclear what's coming, Atlus may have teased something that includes all five games. On Twitter, Atlus West offered a vague tweet about the upcoming news, but the picture attached potentially offered some hints. The main characters from the five numbered games were highlighted, including the female protagonist who was added into "Persona 3 Portable." Whether it's Junpei and Akihiko making a return with their disastrously bad pickup lines or Igor jumping from world to world via the Velvet Room, seeing the entire, complex "Persona" universe potentially touched on in the next year and a half is exciting.


While fans are on the lookout for news, you can always check out all the "Persona 5" games, like "Persona 5 Strikers" and "Persona 5 Royal." If you still have your PlayStation Vita, you can boot up "Persona 2: Eternal Punishment" and "Persona 3 Portable" while you wait — it'll help pass the time while also giving you an idea of where the series started.