New Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Shows You Around The Nexus

The effects Mass Effect: Andromeda has had on gaming hopefuls has been appropriately massive, and today, another look at the forthcoming sci-fi title has kicked things up a notch.

In an IGN exclusive, a sneak peek video shows players around the Andromeda Initiative space station, Nexus. As evidenced in the footage, Nexus is quite similar in structure and systematics as the Citadel seen in the original series installment and again in Mass Effect: 3, but it\'s much grander in scale as it floats through the galaxy. However, the hub can grow in size as players are given the opportunity to explore and discover, utilizing viability points and surpassing certain thresholds that can bump up how big the Nexus can get.

Upgrades made to the Nexus can affect colonists who are pulled from cryogenic sleep, which alters the ways in which the Helius Cluster is colonized. Additionally, these supplementary characters can give central players perks and bonuses along the way.

Players can tweak their technologies and weapons using the Nexus\'s on-station research lab, or sip a drink at the Vortex Bar at the Docking Bay. Given Mass Effect: Andromeda\'s many romance options, the Vortex may very well be a hot spot for players to mingle.

Take the tour for yourself, and see whom you might meet aboard the station, in the video above.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe. While you wait to get your hands on those sweet space aliens and prepare to save the galaxy, check out 20 of the best Xbox One games ever made.