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No More Heroes 3 - What We Know So Far

"No More Heroes," the delightfully wacky hack-and-slash series from Grasshopper Manufacture, has a new game coming up. Nintendo published a 25-minute Early Look video of the game the week of E3 2021. While there was already a good bit of information about the title circling the internet, this Early Look gave fans of the series a lot to be excited for.


If you're new to the "No More Heroes" games, then you're in for a treat. They have a crazy sense of humor, and Travis' character in particular is an assassin obsessed with "anime waifus," wrestling, and pop culture. As Nintendo Treehouse host Tyler pointed out, these obsessions have tons of references in the game, mostly in the form of humor.

Whether you've played previous games in the "No More Heroes" series or you're brand new to Travis Touchdown's world, there's plenty to enjoy and love about the punk-rock series.

When is the release date for No More Heroes 3?

"No More Heroes 3" is set to release on August 27, 2021, according to the official Nintendo page for the game. 

While the series has been primarily a Nintendo exclusive, the spin-off game, "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes," was eventually released on the PlayStation 4 and PC. While the game left a lot of players disappointed, it's a canon part of the storyline. In fact, it's set seven years after "No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle" and two years before "No More Heroes 3." 


If you missed previous entries to the series and don't have a Wii, Nintendo's made it fairly easy to catch up. You can play "No More Heroes" and "No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle" remastered on the Switch. Plus, if you want to go even further into the story, you can pick up "Travis Strikes Again" on the Switch, too, and beat it in less than 20 hours.

Is there a trailer for No More Heroes 3?

The "No More Heroes" games have a distinct style, so it makes sense the trailer for "No More Heroes 3" mimics that uniqueness.

In December 2020, a five-minute trailer for the game was released. Instead of showing off gameplay mechanics or new features, the trailer is an animated short about Fu, an alien prince who made a friend named Damon on Earth who helps him return home.


Twenty years pass in the trailer, and Fu returns to try and conquer Earth with Damon, now an ultra-successful tech CEO who's appalled by Fu's actions. Fu and his alien minions attack the city, and Travis pops up right at the end of the trailer to put a wrench in his plans. 

According to the Nintendo page for the game, this is basically the story of "No More Heroes 3." Travis will be duking it out with aliens for the number one galactic superhero spot.

What's the gameplay like in No More Heroes 3?

The trailer didn't have any gameplay in it (unless the cutscenes make their way into the game), but Nintendo Treehouse did have 20 minutes of gameplay during E3 2021 that showed off combat in "No More Heroes 3."


First off, the game is a hack-and-slash adventure, so be prepared to fight a lot of enemies. There are also special joy-con controls to let you feel like you're actually fighting with a katana and doing your arm day workout at the same time. Of course, as the Nintendo page for the game points out, trying to become the number one galactic superhero can get costly. Travis will need to make some money by mowing lawns and picking up trash like a Good Samaritan.

According to Nintendo, the main city in the game, Santa Destroy, has been turned into a tourist area, and the thriving metropolis has five different areas players can explore. There will also be other things to do, like mining or enjoying the various food stalls around town.