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No Man's Sky Update Introduces Land-Based Vehicles

By now, most people have come around to the idea that No Man's Sky isn't exactly the game that Hello Games promised during demos at press conferences and award shows, but that doesn't mean that the developer isn't trying to deliver on the game's full potential—it's just taking a while to get there. Today, Hello Games brings No Man's Sky one step closer to what everyone expected at the outset: the brand new "Path Finder Update" (which definitely has nothing to do with the other Pathfinders coming to games this month, we're sure) introduces a bunch of new features to the space-based exploration game, including sharable outposts, new land-based transports, and ship specializations. There's even a video trailer explaning all of the changes, if you're into that sort of thing.


The biggest addition in the Path Finder Update, and the one that gives it its name, are brand-new vehicles called Exocraft, which should help you explore your home planet. To build an Exocraft, which can be summoned anywhere on the planet where it "lives," you'll need to hire a Vy'keen Technician for your outpost and complete a series of follow-up missions. Exocraft come in three varieties—the nimble and speedy Nomad, the all-terrain Roamer, and the Colossus, which is perfect for hauling resources—and can be upgraded with scanners, mining lasers, and weapons. Exocraft racing is also a thing now, apparently.

In addition, you can now own multiple ships, which will live in your freighter's docking bay. That's good news, considering that the Path Finder Update introduces four new ship specializations, allowing you to purchase spacecraft that are better suited for combat, mining, or exploration. You'll also be able to trade in your old ship for some credits when purchasing a new one, which is a welcome change.


If you own No Man's Sky on PC, you'll be able to upload your outposts to the Steam Workshop, where other players can visit it and leave you messages. A number of cosmetic upgrades, user interface improvements, new weapon modes, a photo-taking tool, and a hardcore "permadeath" mode round out the Path Finder Update's offerings.