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Company Of Heroes 3 - What We Know So Far

"Company of Heroes 3" was officially announced through a captivating cinematic trailer on July 13, 2021, and there's a lot for fans to soak in about this upcoming title. Since its announcement, even more information has been released about "Company of Heroes 3," so there's a lot to unpack. Whether players are already fans of the award-winning franchise or think they might become one, now's the chance to get all the latest on the game that promises to be the best in the series.


The "Company of Heroes" games come from the makers of hit titles like the mind-blowing "Age of Empires 4" and "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War." So, if you're a fan of any of those titles, or you think you'd appreciate a combination of warfare and storyline plus multiple ways to play, "Company of Heroes 3" may be one to add to your list. But first, you've got to get up to speed!

What is Company of Heroes 3's release date?

As of now, there's no specific release date for "Company of Heroes 3," but there is a target range. According to an official announcement, the game will be available sometime in late 2022 for PC.

Players can expect continuity with previous "Company of Heroes" titles because Relic Entertainment developed the game while SEGA will publish it. Both companies were involved in previous titles in the franchise. As Relic's General Manager Justin Dowdeswell explained in the official announcement, the company has been "co-developing the game with our fantastic community members for years now," so the final product should be thoroughly polished. And, it's not too late for gamers to have a say in how it turns out.


Gamers got a sneak peek of "Company of Heroes 3" with a free Pre-Alpha Preview, as mentioned in the official announcement. Although the preview ended three weeks after its July 13 launch, the Pre-Alpha preview allowed players to provide feedback for the single-player campaign, which will help developers make final changes to "Company of Heroes 3." 

Is there a trailer for Company of Heroes 3?

There are two trailers to unpack for "Company of Heroes 3:" the cinematic announcement trailer and the gameplay reveal trailer, both of which were released on July 13, 2021.

The cinematic announcement trailer opens with realistic CGI soldiers preparing for battle on a beach in "German-Occupied Italy, 1943." The next cut introduces Ms. Russo leaving a shop with a basket of bread as she's instructed to go hide from the fascists. Next comes more combat, followed by a setup in which Russo gives a soldier bread as a distraction while her fellow fighters blow up a building. Russo picks a gun off a fallen soldier as reinforcements roll in, creating an all-out battle captured in full cinematic glory with a slow-mo grenade throw to boot. 


Next, a new character named Sergeant Summers rushes to the radio for backup. The trailer reaches its finale as bombs bring down a church steeple and surrounding buildings, leaving only Summers, Russo, and the other soldiers. After the end title screen, there's another short scene with a voiceover assuring Field Marshal Rommel that reinforcements have arrived as tanks ominously cruise by.

While gameplay deserves a discussion of its own, it's worth noting the dynamic combat previewed in the gameplay reveal trailer, which also features narration of the battle in which the protagonists liberate an Italian city from German occupation.

What will Company of Heroes 3's gameplay be like?

In addition to the combat showcased in the preview, there's a full "Company of Heroes 3" gameplay breakdown announcement on the official game site. The game is set from the summer 1943 to 1945 in the Mediterranean Theater. Players have the choice to "recreate history or redefine it" in this immersive World War II-themed experience.


Players can enjoy three modes of gameplay: "deep, re-playable single-player mode full of choice, progression, and non-linear exploration," skirmish modes for individuals or cooperative groups, and competitive multiplayer mode with 1v1 through 4v4 available.

New to the franchise is a "non-linear, decision-filled dynamic campaign map" that adds an additional strategic element. "Company of Heroes 3" will be the biggest of the franchise with more maps and playable factions than ever before. Since choices shape how the story unfolds, there are many plot possibilities. Combat style, terrain, armor, abilities, weapons, and more have also been enhanced for realism and gameplay enjoyment.