Say Goodbye To Destiny With The Age Of Triumph And Custom T-Shirts

With Destiny 2 expected to hit this fall, Bungie is quickly wrapping up the first game before moving on to bigger and (hopefully) better things. For Destiny's big send-off, the house that Halo built is launching the Age of Triumph, an event that will revamp all of the game's raids and make them relevant again to high-level players.

The Age of Triumph event, which begins on March 28, 2017, will bump all four of Destiny's raids up to a recommended 390 Light level, and will introduce special "rituals" that'll help players who aren't quite there level up quickly. The update won't raise the current Light cap beyond 400, but will offer lots of powerful gear in-line with the raids' new, higher levels. Destiny senior designer Joe Blackburn says, "The thrill is getting these rewards and having them be 400 right away."

In addition, the Age of Triumph is adding a massive 13-page Record Book that'll track your Destiny deeds from both the past and present. In a livestream presentation, lead designer Ryan Paradis gave examples like the "From the Beginning" section, which will be filled out for players who jumped into Destiny during its 2014 debut. However, Paradis says, even if you started playing Destiny at launch, "you will be less than halfway done with the book." The Record Book combines statistics from all of your Destiny characters.

Filling out the Record Book isn't just about bragging rights, either. As players complete the Record Book, they'll earn experience points that unlock special rewards. At lower levels, players can earn special emblems, while reaching Record Book level 7 will put a real-life t-shirt on the Bungie Store that will be customized with your PlayStation Network ID or Xbox Live gamertag (contrary to early reports, the t-shirt isn't going to be free, however—you'll have to pay if you want to show off your Destiny prowess in the real world).

In addition, a different raid—refreshed via new collectibles and other tweaks—will be featured every week. Crota's End is up first, followed by Vault of Glass, King's Fall, and Wrath of the Machine.

Technically, Destiny isn't going anywhere—the game will be online, warts and all, for the foreseeable future. However, The Age of Triumph will be Destiny's last big content drop, as the Bungie team starts to focus on the sequel full-time.