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Boogie2988's Net Worth: How Much The YouTuber Really Makes

YouTuber Boogie2988 is massively successful. With over 4 million subscribers tuned in to his gaming, comedy, and lifestyle videos ranging from serious to silly and everywhere in between, he's come a long way since his first 49-second video playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends back in 2006. Well-known for his comically hateable rage-gamer parody character Francis, Boogie keeps his content varied, dynamic, and honest.

However, things took a turn recently as his name has been added to a growing list of content that have had unexpected visitors appear at their homes and he even faced arrest for firing a warning shot because of the incident. So, especially in the context of that recent news that likely cost him, one can only wonder: How much does this YouTuber really make?

Before you find out the juicy details on Boogie's net worth, you'll want to remember a few things. No one knows how much money Boogie has except for Boogie. Like most stars, he understandably hasn't shared those very personal details. Beyond that, many estimates are created based on YouTube ad revenue and merch sale estimates, though both of these categories can fluctuate. Finally, you never know if some stars are big savers with a much higher net worth than estimated, or if they're spending a lot of their monthly earnings on business growth ventures or personal things.

How much does Boogie2988 make?

By any estimate, Boogie2988 is raking in cash like a boss. ExactNetWorth estimates that he has a net worth of $1.5 million, which he mostly amassed through his YouTube success. The Frisky estimates the figure is a little lower at around $1 million. Aptly-named site Wealthy Persons estimates Boogie's net worth at a whopping $2 million. But that's not all! The highest estimate comes from NailBuzz at $2.5 million, though it's worth noting this site did its due diligence in factoring YouTube revenue, so the accuracy may be higher than the other estimates.

Of course, Boogie's success is impressive by any measure, though it's especially admirable when you consider the dark things he's been through that could've stopped him. He has survived child abuse and serious physical and mental health challenges, and though what he's experienced was incredibly intense and likely hard to share, his openness has shined a light for others with similar struggles.

Only time will tell if Boogie's recent arrest and warning shot will affect his online performance, though his fans have proven historically sympathetic and will likely have varied reactions to this nuanced situation. As of now, he's retained most of his subscribers, separating him from other streamers who have ruined their whole careers in seconds through drastic actions.

Drama aside, Boogie's worth a good deal of money. So, what does he spend all that cash on? According to a recent video, cloning his dog might be an option he's considering.

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