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Why Dr Disrespect Isn't Mad At This Stream Sniper

From his two-time Blockbuster video game champion status to his iconic mustache and mullet combo, popular (and sometimes shady) streamer Dr Disrespect is known for a lot of things. One thing that the controversial content creator is not known for, however, is breaking character. While the Doc is obviously nothing more than a character played by former "Call of Duty" map designer Guy Beahm, he typically maintains his brash persona throughout his streams — with a few notable bloopers in between, of course. That said, a recent run-in with a stream sniper might have resulted in the Doc's most strangely wholesome close call yet.

For those out of the know, stream sniping is a practice — and, in the case of streamer xQc, a possibly ban-worthy offense — in which someone playing a game in the same lobby as a streamer watches their stream in order to pinpoint their location in-game. Often, this is done to get the upper hand on said streamer — or simply just to mess with them. That's exactly what streamer and TikTok user Nixstah set out to do during one of Doc's recent streams — and, believe it or not, the good doctor didn't appear to be angry with this stream sniper.

As shown in a TikTok video, Nixstah used a soundboard containing recordings of some of the Doc's most aggressive trash talk to troll the Two-Time, and the results are unexpectedly heartwarming (WARNING: clip contains strong but censored language). After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Here's how the Doc reacted to his impromptu imitator.

Dr Disrespect got a taste of his own medicine

The ever-mischievous TikTikoker Nixstah must feel pretty good about himself, if the title of his video, "Got the two time champ," is any indication. And, for all intents and purposes, he really did achieve something that few other gamers have: Getting Dr Disrespect to break character and forcing Guy Beahm himself to shine through — if only for a brief moment.

After Nixstah finds the Doc for the first time — and promptly plays a profanity-laden soundbite — the Doc can be seen trying to hold back a smile and admitting that he wishes "he could have heard the rest" of the voice recording, which cut off following the death of Nixstah's character. The second time the TikTok user trolls the Doc, however, the typically confrontational streamer's smirk morphs into a full-on, sincere smile — an expression that his viewers rarely see.

Nixstah isn't new to stream sniping popular streamers and playing their own comments back to them using a soundboard. He has taken aim at everyone from TimTheTatman to Tfue in the past, trolling them to humorous results. Still, Dr Disrespect might be his most high-profile and satisfying target yet — and the result of their interaction just might cement Nixstah's name in gaming history as the man who almost broke The Doctor.