One Gamer Beat Zelda: Breath Of The Wild In 65 Minutes

As quickly as gamers snatched up the Nintendo Switch console upon its release on March 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans have been attempting to beat the game in record time. One player in particular blazed through Breath of the Wild in just over an hour, the fastest current speedrun at the time of publication.

A YouTuber by the name of Venick409 clocked in the 65-minute, 17-second run earlier this week and posted the results on their channel for other Breath of the Wild players to behold. What\'s especially noteworthy, apart from the lightning-quick finish time, is how Venick409 has mastered the main quest of the game, following pathways that lead the game\'s protagonist, Link, exactly where he needs to go without wasting any spare seconds. It appears the player has gotten quite familiar with Breath of the Wild in the last few days, much to their advantage.

Take a look at the impressive speedrun in the video above, but be aware of spoilers if you\'ve yet to play the game.

Venick409 gave some explanations on the specifics of their Breath of the Wild beat time, mentioning that the run \"is in French because they talk faster,\" meaning that any cutscenes including voice acting are also faster. Additionally, while some game speedruns avoid death altogether, Venick409 stated that their Breath of the Wild run does include \"a couple deaths in the Overworld.\" However, the final boss is vanquished without a death, which saves \"a ton of time.\" Regarding routes, Venick409 ceommented that they \"made a bunch of new strat[egies] and rerouted parts\" of the map to reinforce safety and cut down on time.

While it\'s very likely that Venick409\'s Breath of the Wild speedrun will be bested in the near future, there are a ton of runs that remain unflappable, like these insane blindfolded speedruns.