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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Fan Theories That Might Be True

When it comes to Nintendo franchises, "The Legend of Zelda" series might just be the most complex and beloved. The games have captured hearts for years, and, believe it or not, they connect between three different timelines. With the latest installment, the sequel to "Breath of the Wild," on the way, fans have already begun to speculate about how it might fit into the intricate universe.


Originally teased with a trailer back in 2019, players have waited for news on "Breath of the Wild 2" for years. Nintendo packed the subsequent June 15 sequel preview with small details, which zealous fans took as a challenge to uncover hints about the plot and setting.

The preview raised as many questions as answers, such as why the music make sense when played in reverse and what happened to Link's arm. "Zelda" adherents have tried to fill in the gaps while waiting for the "Breath of the Wild" sequel, producing some solid theories in the process.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild might travel back in time

Redditor Toonlinkuser shared a theory that the sequel takes place over 10,000 years before "Breath of the Wild," which would make it "a story about Ganondorf being sealed by the Zonai." 

The Zonai are a tribe in "Breath of the Wild." NintendoBlackCrisis, a channel obsessed with "Breath of the Wild" theories and other Nintendo topics, explained that you can find Zonai statues scattered around the game world, yet very little is known about the group.


Multiple people have pointed that the underground cave in the original "Breath of the Wild 2" trailer was full of Zonai carvings and architecture, including Toonlinkuser and NintendoBlackCrisis. Among these features, Link and Zelda encounter artwork that may depict the tribe's end after the Zonai used their skill with magic to seal Ganondorf away and the energy siphoning systeming they implemented to stop him from returning. Since the history of the tribe has not been documented in the games, Nintendo might use the sequel to reveal more about this bit of "Zelda" lore.  

To add more context to their idea, Toonlinkuser theorized that after "Breath of the Wild" ended, Ganondorf found a way to go back in time to stop himself from being sealed by the Zonai. If Zelda and Link pursued Ganondorf, then this theory could set up the plot of the followup. The reversible audio in the June trailer may have been Nintendo's way of hinting at this time travel plotline.


What if you can play as Link and Zelda in Breath of the Wild 2?

IGN Director Justin Davis offered a theory about which characters you can take control of in "Breath of the Wild 2." Rumors have long circulated that Zelda could be a playable character in the upcoming sequel, an idea the developers have not outright denied (via IGN).


According to Davis' theory, "Breath of the Wild 2" will offer two ways to play: in the sky and on the ground. He proposed that gamers will play as Link when travelling through the clouds and as Zelda when they're on land.

Commenters were quick to point at that you can clearly see Link on the ground in the June trailer, but Davis argued that Nintendo may have used Link as a placeholder to prevent spoilers. He pointed out that the clothing worn by the "ground-Links" resembles Zelda's ensemble in other parts of the preview, plus it's the same "blue-tunic model" used in the original game. Additionally, the scene of Zelda falling in the trailer could further hint at the ground-sky divide.

Given the multiple playable characters angle keeps coming up, there might just be a grain of truth here.