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The Most Overpowered Weapon In Fortnite Might Surprise You

What's the most overpowered weapon in "Fortnite?" Looper posed this question to 508 U.S.-based gamers and got some interesting results that may surprise you. Out of the choices — "SCAR," "Heavy Assault Rifle," "P90," "Rocket Launcher," and "Dragon Shotgun" — one weapon got over a quarter of the vote, though there were a lot of other opinions worth discussing.


"Fortnite" weapons are a hot topic, which totally makes sense given the game's popularity. There are countless takes about the game's worst weapons, best weapons, and the ones the world wants back the most, though now, the results are in from players themselves. 

Starting with the least overpowered weapon, just 10.63% of voters chose the P90, which makes sense since it's already been nerfed in the past. The SCAR was selected as the strongest weapon by just a slightly larger percentage of folks, earning 12.99% of the vote. The Dragon Shotgun scored 15.75%, while a miscellaneous "Other" category was just ahead with 16.93%. In second place overall, the Heavy Assault Rifle scored 17.13% of the vote, likely thanks to its versatility and effectiveness for both medium- and long-range attacks.


The most overpowered weapon in Fortnite

The answer's probably obvious by now, but it's time for the big reveal. According to 26.57% of survey participants, the most overpowered weapon in "Fortnite" is none other than the Rocket Launcher.

The Rocket launcher can only fire one rocket at a time, but it does high damage to a wide area of effect. Though it has a long cooldown period, it's undeniably powerful since one rocket can do such major, broad damage. This weapon may not be as effective on people as it is on buildings, though clearly some players find the trade-off well worth it. Some experts even discovered players can actually ride a Rocket Launcher. Players can team up with a partner to accomplish the feat, with one gamer riding the rocket and one launching the rocket for their partner to jump on top of. It takes precise timing, but the journey is worth the effort.


Even if fans don't agree that the Rocket Launcher is the most overpowered weapon in "Fortnite," the survey shows that there are plenty of massive damage-dealers to choose from. Weapons regularly come and go from the vault in "Fortnite," so it's possible that fans missing their favorite overpowered weapons might be in luck sometime in the future.