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Fortnite Could Bring Back A Fan Favorite Storyline

A fan-favorite storyline might be coming back to "Fortnite" sometime soon. Fans have been speculating about Kevin making its return since Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard delivered a vague tweet, writing "They see me rollin' pt 2." Some fans of "Fortnite" seem to think that this tweet alluded to Kevin, the mysterious purple cube that has popped up in various points throughout "Fortnite" history, since the Cube rolled around the map during Season 5 and 6, Chapter 1.

To further the theory that Kevin the Cube will return to the massive battle royale, fans posted an image of the infamous square at an unknown location on the map during the Ariana Grande concert event. While some fan theories are outlandish, the inclusion of Kevin during the Ariana Grande concert cannot be considered a coincidence. "Fortnite" and Epic Games used one of its biggest events in recent months to show off a glimpse of Kevin, meaning that it could have big plans for everyone's favorite purple cube. The current season of "Fortnite" ends on September 12, so Epic could be laying the foundation for Kevin to take center stage. The question is, will Epic give newer fans Kevin's backstory?

The history of Kevin the Cube

The giant purple Cube, which would later be named Kevin by the community, first appeared in Season 5. Kevin was initially stationary, but would eventually start rotating and moving across the map, destroying landmarks in its path. At the end of the season, Kevin partially destroyed Tilted Towers, eventually moving to the end of Loot Lake, dissolving into the lake turning it purple. 

The Cube eventually cracked, causing rifts to appear across the map. Fast forward to Chapter 2 – Season 1 and a new point of interest named Steamy Stacks is added into "Fortnite," owned by a company called Kevolution Energy. After that, in Chapter 2 – Season 6, The Spire Artifact gave off Cube Runes, implying some sort of connection to Kevin the Cube. 

Some fans of "Fortnite" think that some of the runes point to possible locations where Kevin the Cube might spawn, if it returns. Others think that Kevin has been there all along and was possibly sent by the alien invaders present in Season 8. It will be interesting to see when or if Kevin the Cube makes its return to "Fortnite."