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This Twitch Streamer Crushed It When TimTheTatman Raided His Stream

Twitch streamer and musician ortoPilot got a lot more than he bargained for during his August 5 stream, thanks to none other than TimTheTatman.

A little over three hours into his four-hour August 5 stream, ortoPilot was completely taken aback when he realized streaming star TimTheTatman and his beloved mod Wipz had raided the stream and sent him nearly 100,000 viewers. Raiding on Twitch is achieved by sending one's audience to another page at a scheduled time, which often occurs near the end of a stream. It can mean the world to a streamer with a smaller adueicne, as ortoPilot made clear when he realized it had happened: "Holy — oh my god, oh my god," the musician exclaimed with a look of shock on his face. "Tim, Wipz. What the hell... I don't even know what to say. Tim, bro. Thank you, mate... I better play a tune, hadn't I?"

After catching his breath, ortoPilot whipped out a fantastic new take on Blackstreet's "No Diggity" that incorporated the names of both TimTheTatman and Wipz. As he played, he continued to give shoutouts to the superstar duo. 

"Mind's blown," he shared. "Tim, thank you for the raid, bro... I feel emotional." The "No Diggity" arrangement unfolded into an over 15-minute-long jam session, complete with smooth rap skills and multi-instrumental flair, including a sweet sax solo. Little did ortoPilot know, his night was just getting started.

ortoPilot's mind was blown

As you can probably tell, ortoPilot was grateful for the TimTheTatum raid, thanking his audience again in the middle of the "No Diggity" remix. When it seemed like the cover couldn't get more impressive, ortoPilot noticed Ninja had joined his stream during an impressive guitar solo. He thanked him again after a playful harmonica riff: "It's Ninja, thank you."

After wrapping up the cover, ortoPilot offered his profuse thanks: "Thank you guys...I've never seen anything like it... Ninja, dude, I don't know if you're still there, but holy crap. Thank you so much, mate... Tim, Wipz, all the Tatman fam, thank you guys." He also plugged his new album, "The Path," which released July 23 and can be heard on Spotify.

ortoPilot offered a similar level of gratitude on Twitter, and his fans were equally vocal. As Twitter user @stingbass called the event the "Best raid ever ... Absolutely insaaaaaane talent." Also digging the stream, user @iZayuh wrote, "[That] Was the coolest thing I've ever seen on twitch." The raid brought in plenty of fresh followers for ortoPilot, including user @BoozeMerica, who tweeted, "New fan from the @timthetatman raid! Thanks for the entertainment today."

TimTheTatman's raid clearly worked out splendidly for ortoPilot, who rose to the occasion with an incredible performance.