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Power Rangers Almost Got A Game Like Batman: Arkham

Many adults grew up watching "Power Rangers." It was a high-octane action show for kids that took pre-existing footage from a Japanese TV series and spliced it with original content to produce a hit franchise. The "Power Rangers" timeline has expanded far beyond what its original creators likely imagined, with more installments to follow. The property is known for its upbeat, colorfully fun look and design, but unbeknownst to fans, there was almost a game based on the series that was influenced by an unlikely source of inspiration.


"Video game ex-pat" Jason Bischoff took to Twitter to share several concept images based on a "Power Rangers" video game that never saw the light of day. Titled "Project Nomad," Bischoff drew inspiration from the "Batman: Arkham" series, which is stylistically quite different from "Power Rangers." He envisioned an open-world game that presented a new take on the costumed heroes.

Bischoff documented the concept's journey from an idea a crowded studio to an independent project. With the help of friends, Bischoff fleshed out ideas and the venture even drew attention from some developers and publishers. Unfortunately, this one didn't make it past conceptualization, but at least the artwork is now available for everyone to see. Additionally, Bischoff has promised more to come. 


Would "Project Nomad" have been a game "Power Rangers" fans wanted to play?

The Power Rangers fans wanted

Jason Bischoff's Twitter thread received an enthusiastic response. Some users were understandably disappointed that the game never came to be. One person wrote, "Jason, I'm throwing money at my laptop, but nothing is materializing," before expressing that there had been a need for a "ranger game like that for a while." Another called it "an absolute tragedy," hoping a "Power Rangers" game similar to Bischoff's vision would eventually happen.


Beyond general praise, some fans took the reveal as an opportunity to criticize the 2017 film, stating how the "Power Rangers" should have really looked like Bischoff's concept art. An individual responded, "Part of me wishes these designs were used for the 2017 movie" while a second tweeted, "This all looks 100% better than what we got in the 2017 movie where you had to pretty much squint for them to look like Power Rangers and Zords."

Could "Project Nomad" be resurrected? Perhaps when Bischoff shares more images, it will drum up enough excitement and support to spur him to revisit the game.