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Jacksepticeye Reveals The Game He'd Love To Wake Up In - Exclusive

"Free Guy," while not a direct adaptation of any video game, does posit a question we've asked ourselves in real life and within fictional narratives for years: What would it be like to be in a video game? "Ready Player One" extensively explored the concept of virtual reality pop culture engagement as a means of escapism, while the two most recent "Jumanji" movies are, in a weird way, an examination of how we behave differently when in real life vs. how we behave as our gaming avatars.

"Free Guy" separates itself from that fairly recent trend of real life people discovering their own humanity via the gaming world by inverting the premise. We're not dealing with a flesh and blood person; our protagonist, Guy (Ryan Reynolds), is a non-playable character. Guy's discovery that he is a side character leads him towards self-actualization. It's a kind of lesson in learning how to be supportive of others while not losing sight of your own needs.

That being said, it's impossible not to wonder the opposite: What if we suddenly found out that we were video game characters? What kind of game worlds would we want to live in, and which games should we live in, based on the kinds of people we are?

One way "Free Guy" connects with its gaming audience is by featuring cameos from a bunch of popular game streamers. One streamer who appears in the film is Seán William McLoughlin, a.k.a. Jacksepticeye, so naturally SVG bent his ear to find out the games he wishes he could be a part of.

The video game we're in now vs. the one we ought to be in

It turns out that Jacksepticeye had an immediate idea for what kind of game he already feels like he's in right now.

"I feel like we're kind of living through 'Bloodborne' right now, because it's all about a town ravaged by a disease or a virus," Jacksepticeye explained. "And then you have to overcome that and then come out of the other end of it in a more positive manner. I think we're all coming towards the end of 'Bloodborne' right now."

Of course, no one is exactly vibing to living in the real world right now, as everyone continues to adjust to the long-term realities of a worldwide pandemic. Likewise, "Bloodborne" doesn't sound like the cheeriest world to hang around in. So what game would Jacksepticeye like to escape into? As it turns out, his choice isn't so much about escapism as it is about finding positive ways to reach mutual understanding.

"I would love to be part of 'Mario Odyssey' or something like that," he said. "It's all about wearing many hats and doing many different things and you can walk in somebody else's shoes for a little bit and just kind of see how diverse the world is."

"Free Guy" debuts exclusively in theaters on August 13.