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The Hilarious Way GTA Players Are Fighting Back

"Grand Theft Auto Online" players have come up with a new way to fight back against online griefers, or players that just want to ruin others' games, and it's hilarious. As reported by Dexerto, "GTA Online" allows players to do tons of different things, from robberies to racing to golf and tons in between. However this freedom does lead to some people creatively abusing the system, constantly attacking other players and generally ruining the experience for everyone else in the lobby. While there are a variety of ways to deal with griefers, one player has come up with a method that seems to be particularly aggravating for those that want to spoil others' fun.

On the "GTA Online" subreddit, u/hoopgod18 attempted to start a new trend of combatting griefers. Their plan was to repeatedly kill griefers until they entered passive mode, which prevents them from attacking other players and vice versa. Once the griefer entered passive mode, there would be a decent chance they would be standing still for an extended period of time while they aired their grievances in the chat. While that's happened, players could take a selfie with the griefer, an action that would probably send them into a rage. While it seems like u/hoopgod18's attempt to start a trend failed to catch on, people in the comments responded positively.

Community response

"Grand Theft Auto Online" player u/nickwwwww responded to u/hoopgod18's post by saying, "Half naked, face and body tats, gold chain, that's a griefer no doubt." Redditor u/Tycoon_2000 wrote, "Did that once. Guy used a [laser] to kill low levels. I used [explosive] rounds and rc toys [to] kill him till he hid in passive. He trashed talked me and called me bad. Best part was him losing his mind after me only saying 'lol.'"

While nobody in the comments seemed on board with making this a new trend, many shared tips on ways to combat griefers. One suggested adding the griefer as a friend. That way, players could pull them out of passive mode by getting into a vehicle, just to kill them again. Another suggested that voting to kick griefers from lobbies is the trend that should be started. Others suggested taking them to the arcade so the griefers could be repeatedly zapped.

While the methods to deal with griefers seemed to vary wildly from person to person, it seems like dealing with griefers is a universal experience for "GTA Online" players. Of course, getting griefed repeatedly is one of the most embarrassing mistakes players can make in "GTA Online."