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The Bizarre Character LazarBeam Thinks Would Take Over In Free Guy - Exclusive

To say that there is a lot happening in the background of nearly every scene of "Free Guy" would be an understatement. The new film — about a man named Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who discovers he's actually an NPC inside of a "Fortnite" meets "Grand Theft Auto"-style online game called "Free World" — is almost an ode to gaming. You'll see a lot of online gaming standards (like people running into walls), and most of act two is dedicated to the online gaming tradition of purposefully playing the game wrong.

If you've watched pro streamers long enough, you know all about playing games wrong. People will do things like beat "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" without using a sword, for example, as a means to challenge themselves and see what can exploited and broken in an effort to still defeat Ganon (via Game Architects). And of course, when it comes to PC gaming, people will utilize different mods to alter the nature of games and how they are played.

There are a number of streaming gamers who cameo in "Free Guy" including Lannan Eacott, a.k.a. LazarBeam. SVG sat down with the streamer and asked him — as an expert — what hacks and exploits he would add to "Free Guy" if he could. This led to the streamer revealing which modded character might take over "Free Guy."

Guy vs. a guy with a television in his stomach

When asked about the fact that Guy spends a lot of "Free Guy" purposefully playing the game he lives inside of as incorrectly as possible, LazarBeam responded, "That's my business, man." Only a few days prior to the interview, Lazarbeam uploaded a video on YouTube titled "I Installed Every GTA Mod." In that video, as the title suggests, he added a host of strange modifiers to "Grand Theft Auto 5" to see what would happen.

The mods include the ability to play as Thanos, characters from "Minecraft," and Godzilla, just as a few examples. Tons of characters show up to be decimated in these mods, but there were two characters from that video that LazarBeam knew straight away both did and did not belong in "Free Guy" — Jesus and Po from "Teletubbies."

"I don't know I'd want to say that Guy could beat Jesus Christ in a game," Lazarbeam sayid with a tinge of nervousness in his voice. "That mod had Jesus breathing fire, so I don't know if that'll do well in a Hollywood movie."

However, Po is another story. "There was the one where a Teletubby was eating people," LazarBeam recalled, "so I'd like to see how [Guy] went up against a Teletubby that could eat human beings and see how he could fare against that, because I don't think he'd win. I don't think he'd beat the Teletubby."

Maybe Guy couldn't beat a murderous Teletubby, but who could really? Who could hope to face off against a being who bathes in the light of a perpetually screaming baby-faced sun in the sky?

"Free Guy" is in theaters now.