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What Only Monster Hunter Players Know About Legends Of The Guild

Watching and enjoying "Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild" without ever playing the games isn't difficult to do. Despite being based on a series with dense mythology, the movie's storyline brings viewers in and keeps them invested even with zero background knowledge of the universe. However, if you've played the "Monster Hunter" games, then the new animated movie just hits differently.


Between Aiden's never-ending stream of monster puns and Julius' and Nadia's deep relationship, the movie packs in a good bit that casual viewers might not know. Pair that with animation akin to the games cutscenes and detailed backstories revolving around supporting characters from the games, and you have a fan's dream.

The beginning and of "Legends of the Guild" shows Aiden and Lea on a boat, with the two characters seemingly meeting for the first time. "Monster Hunter World" players might recognize this scene, as it seems to be alluding to the opening cutscene of that game.

You can meet Aiden, Julius, and Nadia in the games

Not only can you meet the movie's Hunters in the "Monster Hunter" games, but you can actually "kick some Lunastra" with Aiden in "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne." Throughout much of the game, he's referred to simply as the "Ace Cadet" or "Excitable A-Lister," as the official "Monster Hunter" Twitter account pointed out.


The movie's characters of Julius and Nadia are also in the games. They're members of a group known as the Ace Hunters. Fans have noted that "Monster Hunter 4" introduces the Ace Hunters as basically the greatest monster hunters ever to exist — which makes their swift defeat against the Gore Magala even more frightening.

However, the Ace Hunters' names were rarely used in-game. One of the odd quirks of the "Monster Hunter" series is that it very rarely refers to side characters by their actual names. Unless you've played through many of the games, or you have a really good memory, you might not recognize the characters at all. You may be surprised to finally put a name to a familiar face, thanks to the new movie.


Don't miss the Poogie running around

Within the first few minutes of the movie, viewers will see Aiden come close to tripping over a Poogie, a pig-like creature from "Monster Hunter World." The creature gives players a delightful way to spend time between battles, and Poogie will even help players out if they make friends with them.


Players are able to pet Poogie from the start of "Monster Hunter World," which will either result in an affectionate new companion or a very annoyed pig. Once Poogie loves you, players can pick Poogie up and carry it around base. At that point, Poogie will help players find rare items once between quests. Basically, there's a lot of incentive to interact with Poogie besides its general cuteness (aside from just how cute it is).

Sometimes, the lovable pig will bring back different costumes the player can choose to put it in. Poogie's base outfit is a cozy striped getup, and this is the same costume the Poogie in the movie wears!