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This Is Jacksepticeye's Favorite Type Of Game To Play - Exclusive

"Free Guy" is a movie all about Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a regular dude who, it turns out, is actually a non-playable character in a video game. And like most NPCs in real-life video games, Guy has a normal job where he works at the bank — effectively so he can exist as fodder for the actual people playing the game.

The goal for "Free Guy" was to tell a new story that would still feel familiar to gamers, but without being so entrenched in gamer language that it would be inaccessible to everyone else. In addition to chatting with gamers and streamers to get the details right, director Shawn Levy also decided to bring in a number of actual popular game streamers to cameo in "Free Guy," all in order to give it that little extra bit of credibility.

One of the streamers who turns up in "Free Guy" is Seán William McLoughlin, a.k.a. Jacksepticeye. SVG sat down with Jacksepticeye to talk about not only his experience with "Free Guy," but also his experience as a streamer and what kinds of games he enjoys the most.

The best games to play wrong

While "Free Guy" features references to other games (and the MCU), there were a couple of games that Jacksepticeye wishes could've been represented in the film.

"Well, I'm biased. I like "Bloodborne" a lot, if it's not evident by the statues behind me, and "Shadow of the Colossus" on the poster behind me," Jack explained, showing off his room. "So I would have loved a nod to them, but they're not the most popular games in the world. I feel like a very niche amount of people would get those references."

One of the things Guy does in the game he's a part of (called Free World) in order to take control of his life and save the proverbial day is play his own game incorrectly. Guy is less about completing brutal missions and more about protecting NPCs from mean-spirited quests.

So we asked Jack what his favorite type of game to play wrong is. "I think any game that just kind of has a sandbox in it," he says. "Any game where I don't have to follow a set path that I can kind of just grind out my own path for myself or even if it is a linear path, I can kind of just do it my own way. I feel like my strength is not really in my ability to play games, like skill-wise, I'd be no better than an average player, but I feel like my expertise is kind of just goof around and go off that path and make jokes and improvise."

"Free Guy" is in theaters now.