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Metal Gear Solid Cheat Discovered After 23 Years

A streamer accidentally discovered a new glitch in the original "Metal Gear Solid" on PlayStation, which naturally sent the speedrunning community into a frenzy. Boba, a streamer and member of Yogscast, was playing the original "Metal Gear Solid" when she was being attacked by two guards in-game. 

In the clip shared by the streamer, she stopped outside of a locked door to return fire, only for a guard's gunshot to knock her through the door to an area she shouldn't have had access to yet. She essentially skipped a section of the game when this happened. Boba then shared the clip on Twitter writing, that she had broken the game. She quipped, "get rekt speedrunners."

Speedrunners were actually very excited about this potential development. The glitch that happened to Boba was not known to the speedrunning community for "Metal Gear Solid." PreciousRoy shared on Twitter that 15 "Metal Gear Solid" speedrunners were in a Discord call, all attempting to replicate the glitch and determine if it could be reliably used in future speedrunning. As it turns out, this glitch will have a significant impact on speedrunning in "Metal Gear Solid" moving forward.

Shaving off a significant amount of time

Hau5test, a "Metal Gear Solid" speedrunner and streamer, posted on Twitter that the glitch can be replicated consistently, changing the speedrunning strategy forever.

"There it is! ... we just need to stand at the door and aim at the guard. the guard will shoot us through the door. It is consistent [and] it saves 2:30 minutes and I love [Boba] for just casually finding it," Hau5test wrote.

There are different types and styles of speedrunning — some people speedrun blindfolded, while more bizarre speedruns have seen players heating their cartridges to induce different effects. Most allow for glitches and exploits that are a part of the video game being played, and some players have mastered games so thoroughly that their speedruns will never be broken. This glitch discovered by Boba would be allowed in most "Metal Gear Solid" speedrunning categories, so it's a pretty significant find.

According to speedrun.com, the official leaderboard for speedrunning times, the current record for "Metal Gear Solid" is 35 minutes and 50 seconds, a time posted recently by Hau5test. Considering the fact that Boba's glitch shaves off roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds, players like Hau5test could soon be leaving the current world record in the dust.