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Horizon: Zero Dawn 1.04 Patch Clears Up A Ton Of Issues

Guerrilla Games rolled out a new update for the recently-released open-world game Horizon: Zero Dawn, and it tackles a whole slew of bugs that were plaguing players.

From glitches in main and side-quests to issues causing gameplay systems to go belly-up, Horizon: Zero Dawn fans were experiencing some rocky terrain in the past few weeks. Thankfully, with the release of patch 1.04, gamers can rest assured that these troubles are all but a memory now.


As reported by GameSpot, a big problem addressed in the patch is the sliding animation bug, which caused the game's protagonist, Aloy, to get stuck. However, an issue that isn't resolved with patch 1.04 is one where outfit statistics seem to be doubled up. Guerrilla Games responded to the bug, stating, "This issue is being looked into currently and we shall try to address it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Take a look at the Main Quest fixes in the patch notes below, and check out the rest on PlayStation's website.

Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in "The Proving" where one of the attackers would fall down the slope.

  • Fixed an issue in "The Womb of the Mountain" where the spear would not be in Aloy's inventory if players opened a treasure box with a DLC item before retrieving Aloy's weapons. Note: Players who have already encountered the issue will need to reload from a game saved prior to this quest.

  • Fixed an issue in "A Seeker at the Gates" where players would be able to enter the gates of Mother's Watch when fast-traveling to this location.

  • Fixed an issue in "A Seeker at the Gates" where the quest objective would not update from "Go to the Carja Border Fort" to "Kill the corrupted machines".

  • Fixed an issue in "A Seeker at the Gates" where players could not progress through the Carja Fort.

  • Fixed an issue in "The City of the Sun" where Erend wouldn't spawn after the dialogue with him ended if players rushed past the civilians on the bridge.

  • Fixed an issue in "The Sun Shall Fall" where players couldn't return to Dervahl if they fast-traveled during the objective "Talk to Dervahl".

  • Fixed an issue in "The Grave Hoard" where skipping the conversation with Sylens at the end of the quest and immediately restarting would prevent "To Curse the Darkness" from starting.

  • Fixed an issue in "Deep Secrets of the Earth" where players couldn't enter the bunker if they fast-traveled away from the objective after they had interacted with the bunker.

  • Fixed an issue in "The Terror of the Sun" where Aloy would respawn in an empty arena after being killed by the Behemoth. Note: Players who have already encountered the issue will need to go to Sunfall, at which point they will be teleported back into the arena to continue the quest.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available now, but if you've yet to take the game for a spin yourself, check out some behind-the-scenes footage that may have you rushing to pick it up.