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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Launches St. Patrick's Day Event

The classic, high-powered FPS series Call of Duty added a new installment to the franchise with Modern Warfare Remastered, and the refreshed game has seemed to go all-out with its events, perks, and update opportunities for players.


Fun continued today when Activision revealed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will kick off its St. Patrick's Day event: the hilariously named Operation Shamrock & Awe. The festivities begin Tuesday, March 14 and last until Monday, April 3. Check out the official announcement trailer above.

The event will include free Supply Drops (one per week) for all participating players, easily accessible by logging in and downloading one at a time.

Alongside the Operation: Shamrock & Awe announcement, Activision also unveiled a brand-new in-game map to celebrate the holiday. Entitled "Daybreak," it modifies the familiar Downpour map, revamping it from its darker aesthetic to a sunny one filled with rainbows, tons of green, and (of course) leprechaun imagery standard to any St. Patrick's Day theme.


As reported by GameSpot, all Modern Warfare Remastered players can snag two St. Patrick's Day-themed camos, decked out in either shamrocks or rainbows. Additionally, gamers can get their hands on themed emblems, calling cards, and reticles, and a "shillelagh melee weapon."

If that isn't enough, there will also be a playable character up for grabs. Darren "Graves" Cosgrave can be unlocked by those who finish the "Leprechaun," "Luck," and "Pot o' Gold" collections, available for play once the event closes.

Before you dive into the greened-out fun of the Operation: Shamrock & Awe event, be sure to read up on how Call of Duty will return to its roots this year.