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The Overwatch Connection You Never Noticed In The Suicide Squad

For anyone who saw "The Suicide Squad," one character may have sounded oddly familiar. No, the role in question wasn't portrayed by an actor you saw on-screen, but rather through a vocal performance provided by superstar voiceover artist Dee Bradley Baker. A brief glance at his resume will explain why he sounds so familiar: Baker has over 600 credits to his name, so he's likely worked on several movies, video games, and TV shows you've seen. A more thorough investigation of his filmography reveals that he played a role in "Overwatch" that bears strong similarities to his turn in "The Suicide Squad."

One fan made the connection and posted an image on Reddit to highlight the similarity between the two roles. This user humorously titled the post "Same voice actor. Dee Bradley Baker showing off his incredible range in Suicide Squad." This is in reference to the fact that Baker played the talking rat, Sebastian, in the recent DC supervillain film — but he also voiced Hammond, the hamster who operates the deadly Wrecking Ball in "Overwatch." 

While Baker's casting was mostly likely not meant as a purposeful Easter egg in "The Suicide Squad," it's certainly an interesting observation. With a career as robust as Baker's, similar roles are bound to pop up. So what do "Overwatch" have to say about this connection?

Fans are very familiar with Dee Bradley Baker's work

Over in the land of Reddit, many fans are quick to mention their favorites among Dee Bradley Baker's performances. From Klaus the Fish in "American Dad" to Olmec from "The Legend of the Hidden Temple," there are plenty of memorable roles to choose from. One Redditor aptly summed up his body of work by pointing out that Baker voices every Clone Trooper in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the members of Clone Troop 99 in "Star Wars: The Bad Batch," making him basically "a legend."

Do voice-over artists worry about typecasting? If so, it doesn't look like Baker has much of a reason to be concerned, considering his extensive list of credits. One user even humorously jested, "He played every animal in everything you'll ever watch. He was probably the shark in Jaws." To be fair, Baker's filmography includes tons of other animal characters, so this likely isn't the last time he'll play a sassy animal. Whether he'll voice another rodent is yet to be seen.

"The Suicide Squad" may have bombed at the box office, but if you're a fan of Baker's work (even if you didn't realize you were), you might want to listen out for his role as Sebastian. Plus, critics generally enjoyed "The Suicide Squad," so you'll probably have a good time regardless.