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PewDiePie Slams Pokimane's Streaming Setup

On August 19, popular content creator PewDiePie returned to judging other creator's setups and home tours, starting the stream with the hyper-successful Pokimane's house. PewDiePie had a lot to say about how she streams, which only seems fair considering Pokimane just made some comments about PewDiePie's relationship with his wife when discussing how dating a fan could work for a streamer.

Pewdiepie started off by criticizing Pokimane's door, which is made of glass, because it could result in "terrible audio leakage." Once the video got to her actual streaming setup, his disappointment was clear.

PewDiePie mentioned that her displays look "uncomfortable" because of how far back the monitors sat on her desk and how small they were. To emphasize just how small her monitors were, he showed viewers his ultra wide monitor, which spanned the entirety of his desk.

While mentioning that he "just can't get over her displays," PewDiePie caught a glimpse of something else to stress over: Pokimane's cable management, or lack thereof. He said that she "lost setup privilege" over the disastrous cords, and it quickly became all he could focus on. He ended the video with recommendations for her poor cable management.

Though PewDiePie had a lot of criticism for Pokimane's setup, he also had plenty of nice things to say as well.

PewDiePie's compliments were just as abundant

Before starting off his actual critiques, PewDiePie explained that he was going to be "overly critical for no reason but entertainment." So, while the jabs might have seemed a bit harsh, it was all for fun's sake — he didn't really attack Pokimane. In fact, he had plenty of good things to say about her home tour.

The first thing he liked was her stairs — apparently, he thought they looked "comfortable on your feet." He also loved her Rilakkuma stuffed animal, which she held throughout most of the video.

PewDiePie pointed out that Pokimane's lights were facing the correct way for camera purposes, pointing in the opposite direction of the person on camera. However, he tried it himself on video and decided he didn't like the way it worked for him, claiming he needed to "blast out all [his] blemishes."

He also gave Pokimane "points" for the ergonomics of her setup. While her monitors were small, they were the correct height for a person's eyes. PewDiePie might not have been a fan of Pokimane's shoe-box footstool, her ergonomic setup encouraged good posture for long gaming sessions.

While PewDiePie does have his shady side, this video was all just fun reactions to Pokimane's old setup. Though Pokimane didn't return to the OfflineTV house, she did recently move. Hopefully she took PewDiePie's advice and changed her cable management system for a fresh start at her new place.