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Nintendo Trolls Breath Of The Wild Players Who Collect All 900 Korok Seeds

If you're actually insane enough to try to collect all of Breath of the Wild's Korok seeds, beware: spoilers follow.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has only been out for 12 days, but a few fans have already tracked down all of the Koroks scattered amongst Hyrule's treasures, completing the game's lengthiest and craziest challenge. Not only did they get a ton of extra storage space for their efforts—ostensibly, that's what the Korok seeds are for—but they also received an exclusive item for players who manage to find all 900 of the forest-dwelling creatures.


The bad news? The special gift is a piece of crap.

Like, literally. Oh, sure, the official name of the item is "Hestu's Gift," but just look at it. That's a deuce. In case you weren't sure, the item's brief description says little more than "It smells pretty bad." So, yes. That's poop.

Even worse, there's no way to get rid of Hestu's Gift once you've achieved the dubious honor of earning it. As one of Link's "Key Items," Hestu's Gift is stuck in the hero's inventory permanently. You can't drop it, or throw it, or—heaven forbid—cook with it. It just sits there, stinking away, for the rest of your Zelda playthrough.

Some fans are taking Hestu's Gift as a very meta comment by Nintendo on the value of open-world collectible quests, while others are assuming it's just a straight-up troll job. Either way, unless you're an absolute completionist (or really, really need that extra inventory space), don't bother hunting down all the Koroks. There are plenty of things to do and secrets to find in Breath of the Wild that actually have real, helpful rewards—or are at least, y'know, interesting—and don't clutter up your inventory with turds.


You've been warned.