Sonic Mania Release Date Pushed To Summer 2017

Gotta go, well, not so fast, it seems. Sega has announced that the upcoming Sonic Mania game will be delayed from spring 2017 to summer 2017.

The company made the announcement during the South by Southwest Conference this week, at the Sonic the Hedgehog panel. Though Sega didn't expand upon too many particulars, a brief explanation was given as to why the delay was implemented. As reported by Gematsu, "According to Sega, development needs a little more time to meet the quality standards it would like to achieve."

What was also revealed at the Sega/Sonic panel was tease a new bit of footage, likely to soften the blow of the spring-to-summer release date change. The clip features the familiar Flying Battery Zone, which gives a new slant to the classic Sonic and Knuckles level. Take a look at the reveal below:Though the updated Flying Battery Zone is fairly similar to its source inspiration, there are a ton of noticeable changes die-hard fans may be able to spot. Keep your eyes peeled for tweaks made to the original 1991 Greenhill Zone bots near the end of the trailer.

Change appears to be a trend for Sonic Mania. While no additional information was given on the summer 2017 release, such as a concrete month or day, Sega hopefully won't make players wait too long to know more, and to finally get their hands on the title. Which is more than we can say for our list of games that fans will never be able to play.