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Mass Effect: Andromeda Releases Stunning 4K Tech Trailer

It's so close we can almost taste it, and so high-res, we feel like we're there.

Today, Nvidia unleashed a 4K resolution tech and gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Not only are the visuals highlighted, but the clip also features BioWare developers talking all things tech, particularly the types included in Andromeda and how they were implemented to make the in-game universe a reality.


The trailer confirms that Mass Effect: Andromeda will support both HD resolution gameplay and Nvidia's Ansel technology. According to the company's press release (via GameSpot), Ansel is "a revolutionary new way to capture in-game photography" that offers players the opportunity to screenshot their experience in 360-degree mode, and later share the photos on PC systems, smartphones, and VR headsets.

In the 4K trailer, Andromeda producer comments on the PC edition of the game in regards to technology. Bringing together Nvidia's Ansel with the title's smooth, speedy Frostbite engine has allowed for a level of detail so sharp, the studio has "never [before] been able to show on screen."

Take a look at the video above, just be sure to set your playback quality to 4K (2160p) to get the full effect.


The release of this high-res tech video comes shortly after Andromeda's character animations receiving heavy criticism and flak over the last few days, causing many fans to worry about the overall quality of the game's technology. Compound this with BioWare's statement that the day-one patch won't resolve any awkward animation, and it appears Mass Effect: Andromeda may be in some hot water.

Hopefully, Andromeda can deliver the Frostbite engine's power and Nvidia's Ansel tech to other aspects of the game to make it a fully aesthetically-pleasing title free from glitchy animation. Which is more than we can say for these video game glitches someone should have been fired for.