MLB The Show 17 Has A Horrifying Animation Glitch

And you thought Mass Effect: Andromeda's animations were bad.

A particularly terrifying glitch has been uncovered within the MLB The Show 17, a sports title that offers players good-old-fashioned baseball fun, and now apparently allows for some... we'll say interesting creations.


The glitch affects the in-game character design modules, warping the hair slider and turning custom-made characters into "human wicker statues." Take a look for yourself in the video below:

Rather than being discovered, the glitch was actually shown off during a Twitch stream held by the game's developer, Sony San Diego. Recently, the company has been holding a themed Twitch stream series that focuses on the upcoming title and highlights a handful of its "darker undercurrents" during a "segment on 'graphical improvements.'"

Lead graphics programmer for MLB The Show 17 Patrick Hager introduced the animation glitch as one of the many things the Sony San Diego team has been working on leading up to the game's late March release.


"We've had several bugs throughout the year that create these effects," Hager explained. "I don't even remember what the bug was. It was just, some compute phase was out of sync."

This, of course, isn't the first time a glitch has changed the (literal) face of a game. Thankfully, however, the bug in MLB The Show 17 is just spooky and doesn't seem detrimental to the forthcoming title's possible success. If only we could say the same for these in-game glitches that someone should have been fired for.