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Mass Effect: Andromeda Producer Addresses Game's Bizarre Facial Animations

In the past few days, Mass Effect: Andromeda has been a massive letdown to many, becoming the target of mockery, criticism, and harsh accusations. This weekend, BioWare executive and Andromeda producer Michael Gamble took to social media to respond to the backlash over the game's facial animations.


Since new looks at Andromeda's gameplay have been released, its animations (particularly in the facial region and in body movement) have caught many gamers' attention, who argue that they appear downgraded from initial previews and seem to be under par for a triple-A title.

On his own Twitter account, Michael Gamble cleared the air by responding to fans' critiques and some of the jokes and jabs taken at Andromeda's expense.

"We appreciate the critiques (and memes!)," Gamble said in a tweet, "but I am very happy to see how much [you all] like the game after 10 hours." He added that the game gets much better as players progress even further: "I can't wait for everyone to dig deep into [Mass Effect: Andromeda] and spend hours in the story. Personally that's where I find the best reward."


This isn't the only piece of the facial animation pie, however. Amidst all the talk and meme-making, things took a drastic turn when players reportedly identified Allie Rose-Marie Leost as Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead facial animator, which allegedly resulted in people addressing and even attacking her on Twitter. BioWare released the following statement in the wake of the chaos:

Thankfully, it appears that Gamble and BioWare's statements have helped appease at least some of the concern and anger amongst Mass Effect: Andromeda. Unfortunately, however, neither these comments nor the game's day-one patch will fix the wonky animations. Although some may see Andromeda's motion illustration as a hindrance on the gameplay experience, something tells us it's not quite as bad as these game glitches that someone should have been fired for.