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Meet The Cast Of Nintendo's Arms

Everything about Nintendo's Arms is weird. The basic premise (one-on-one motion-controlled boxing featuring men and women with spring-like arms) is weird. The hilariously blunt name is weird. And, as seen in Nintendo's latest video, Arms' cast is weird, too.


The new character introduction video puts the spotlight on five of Arms' would-be champions and lays out some of their special abilities. Spring Man, who Nintendo calls "an all around, balanced fighter" (and also "the man-spring," which sounds oddly dirty) is up first. By using his dash attack, Spring Man can repel enemy attacks, and when his health is low his arms stay "charged," paving the way for some big comebacks.

Ribbon Girl is next. The "pop star of the ring" is a floaty, mobile hero who can jump in the air repeatedly to dodge punches, and can execute a strong air-to-ground dash attack to knock her foes off balance. Ninjara dashes in mid-air by transforming himself into smoke and warps around the battlefield while in defense mode, while Master Mummy doesn't lose any momentum when attacked and heals himself by putting his guard up. Finally, Mechanica, who looks a little bit like Overwatch's D. Va, uses rockets to hover in the air, and, like Master Mummy, is stun-resistant.


Overall, Arms' roster is pretty much what you'd expect: one balanced fighter, two that focus on speed, and two that favor strength, all wrapped up in a bright and colorful presentation. The limited roster probably won't thrill fans who were expecting a deeper, character-based meta (see Overwatch, for example), but Arms' action looks as wacky as ever, and we still think it's going to be one of the better Switch games when it arrives sometime this spring.