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Cheetah Runs Wild In Injustice 2 Character Trailer

Cheetah, Wonder Woman's ally-turned-nemesis-turned-maybe-ally-again, is currently getting a whole new lease on life in the pages of Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp's Wonder Woman series, but in Injustice 2, she's all bad. Confirmed as a playable character last February, the beast formerly known as Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva gets the spotlight in NetherRealm Studios' latest Injustice 2 video, which shows her slicing her way through the superhero fighting game's expansive roster.

Unlike many of her peers, Cheetah doesn't have any flashy superpowers, and her fighting style tends to focus on her speed and her deadly claws. In the video, Cheetah takes down opponents like Wonder Woman and Robin using a series of quick strikes and acrobatic flips, stringing together fast combos that keep her foes off balance and unable to counter.


Still, the lack of showy powers doesn't mean that Cheetah doesn't get a few big moments. In her finishing move, Cheetah tosses Wonder Woman in the air, then criss-crosses the screen with a series of slashes before stomping on the Amazon's back, sending her crashing to the floor. The video also reveals a few of Injustice 2's environmental attacks, which include ramming opponents with a malfunctioning Batwing and tossing them at (fake) elephants.

So far, Cheetah hasn't been seen much in Injustice's post-apocalyptic future—she had a cameo on the the Injustice spin-off comic, but didn't do much other than taunt Wonder Woman with a few idle threats. Obviously, with Cheetah joining Injustice 2's main roster, she should play a bigger role the second time around.


Injustice 2, which reignites the battle between Batman and Superman (with DC's other heroes caught in the middle), launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16, 2017. That might sound like a lopsided fight, but remember: Superman's been beaten before. Good luck, Bats. You'll need it.