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Civilization VI Adds Two New Playable Regions

It's double the fun for Civilization VI fans, as Firaxis and 2K announce two new playable regions are heading out soon.

Both Persia and Macedon were unveiled this week (via GameSpot), with the Greek kingdom region confirmed today.


Led by Cyrus the Great, Persia comes bundled with a pretty powerful ability: the Immortal unit, which has been called an "elite heavy foot soldier" that swaps out the standard fighter and touts ranged attacks and a super-strong defense. Persia also features unlockable bonus trade routes (including internal ones) and the Pairidaeza tile improvement, the latter of which offers "culture, gold, and appeal" and a few perks when properly placed.

Similarly, its leader has a special skill, the Fall of Babylon, which grants Persian units with additional movement once they've declared war on short notice or in a surprise. This, in turn, "results in less of a diplomatic penalty than it does for other civs."


Check out a sneak peek of Civilization VI's Persia in the video above.

The second civilization is Macedon, helmed by Alexander the Great and featuring the Hellenistic Fusion ability, allowing players to scoop up bonuses once they've successfully conquered a city. Warfare is the name of the game in Macedon, it seems, as the leader's ability cuts down on weariness and slashes penalties when engaging in long-term battle.

As with other regions in Civilization VI, Macedon has its own unit and building. The Hypaspist gives players an advantage during city-seizing and offers up additional support perks, and the Basilikoi Paides provides users with Science in certain situations. A leader-specific unit is also granted; Alexander nabs the Hetairoi that replaces the Horseman.

Take a look below:The specifics on how and when players will be getting their hands on Persia and Macedon in Civilization VI are unclear, so in the meantime, check out the game's recently-released Australian region.